Romance Slippers

“When in doubt, wear red.” —Bill Blass

Or white, or pink… Just as long as you are wearing these slippers.

Who says slippers can’t be functional and fun at the same time?!

Our romance slippers start with the same quality slipper base as our marabou, then are hand-crafted with marabou and the addition of a flower. 

Our slippers are handmade to order and come in a variety of colors. If you don’t see a color you like, contact us. We also do custom colors. Our soles are made from a durable rubber, and the foot bed is padded black terry velour.

Standard Colors:

White marabou romace slipperPink marabou romance slipperRed marabou romance slipper


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I wanted something to wear with my new red silk pajamas that my husband bought me for Valentine’s Day. But most fancy slippers have high heals and slip easily on the floor. Then I found yours. I know it sounds funny, but it’s wonderful to find something that is fun, fancy and practical all at the same time. If I bought the ones with heals that slip easily, I would wear them from the bathroom to the bed and the rest of the time they would sit in my closet. But these I can wear all over the house, and I do! M. J. Huntington, NY